Breakthrough by Lemonade Mouth Cast Rocks a Great Theme

Bridgit Mindler and the cast of Lemonade Mouth deliver one rocking pop song "Breakthrough".  With an uplifting theme of positive energy and lyrics that include: 

Whenever you can't see the lightLemonade Mouth Breakthrough Disney video
Whenever there's no end in sight
Keep on, keep on movin' on
Keep on movin' on

Here comes a breakthrough, here comes a day
Here comes the moment that you gotta go for it
So don't let it get away

It's all about breakthrough, just turn a page
'Cause everyday you're gettin' closer
Life is just a roller coaster

I've heard my dad listening to Tony Robbins many times.  He says you shouldn't say you're breaking down because you just might be breaking though! This song is bound to get you feeling like anything is possible.  If you haven't heard the song or seen the video, check it out in our Disney video section. Regardless, the music video will get you moving!

It's very important to set goals. Equally important is to take action and do something everyday to accomplish your vision.  Some days you will see progress and some you may not.  Just don't give up. Go for it!

Credits: Lemonade Mouth - Breakthrough written Bryan Todd, Maria Christensen, Shridhar Solanki and Adam Hicks and produced by Twin & Bryan Todd. Released through Walt Disney Records. Lyrics sourced from MetroLyrics.


Taylor Swift's Album "Speak Now"

Taylor Swift's album "Speak Now" is GREAT and includes these songs:

Sparks Fly
Back to December
Speak Now
Dear John
The Story of Us
Never Grow Up
Better than Revenge
Last Kiss
Long Live

Target Exclusive Content:

Ours, If This was a Movie, Super Man, Back to December[acoustic], Haunted[acoustic], Mine[pop mix]

FYI - This CD is the one where she is wearing the red dress. Money Poll

If you had $20,what would you use it to buy?

Movie - 5.2%
Music - 13.1%
Clothes - 68.7%
Books/Magazines - 13%

Total votes: 2108
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