Canon Camera

Canon cameras are great for photography, as I've learned. The majority of the cameras are in the hundreds -canon-s1probably $300 to $2,000-

On, you can get one for about $200, a little exspensive. But others can be REALLY pricey!

But if you're a wanna be a tumblr girl or blogger, I suggest you buy a quality digital camera - maybe a Canon!! Here is a picture of one like I use, a Power Shot S1 IS.  It's older but still takes great pictures!

SHOUTOUT: to @gwinn on instagram! she is an amazing photographer and she uses "canon reble t3i" and she has 117k followers! also she uses her iphone for pics.. Money Poll

If you had $20,what would you use it to buy?

Movie - 5.2%
Music - 13.1%
Clothes - 68.7%
Books/Magazines - 13%

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